Johnny Depp’s career is in a rut. If his latest film, Mortdecai, flops – and our review isn’t helping its case – this will be his fourth straight box-office disappointment for a film he has tried to carry. (Ensemble work in Into the Woods and 21 Jump Street don’t count.)

It wasn’t always this way. Before he fell down a rabbit hole of bizarre and colorful characters (literally, with Alice in Wonderland), Depp had the makings of a dependable character actor who’d embrace quirky, off-center roles that would terrify most mainstream actors. Depp never seemed interested in furthering his career. He only wanted the next interesting part, and few were more engrossing than these 10 roles. Skip Mortdecai this weekend and, in stead, curl up with a few of these amazing performances, the 10 best of Johnny Depp’s career.

Finding Neverland
10. Sir James Matthew Barrie, Finding Neverland
Easily one of Johnny Depp’s most compassionate roles, as he "fathers" a small family of precocious children, forges a strong bond with the young Freddie Highmore (they’d quickly reunite for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and writes one of the most inspirational children’s stories of all time. Depp isn’t a conventional leading man. But when he chooses to play it straight, he can conjure the warmth and heart it takes to sell a winning family dramedy like this. Easily one of Depp’s most likeable roles.

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