Johnny Depp Circles The Rings Of Hell

Ah, Johnny Depp, staying predictably off-the-wall even after he's seemingly sold his soul to Disney for the rest of his life. The man who will reprise Jack Sparrow for the fourth Pirates movie will also star in a completely nutso take on Dante's Divine Comedy, titled In the Hand of Dante. The movie will be based on a novel by Nick Tosches.

Depp, according to Variety, will play Tosches, who is asked to authenticate what may or may not be Dante's original manuscript for The Divine Comedy. In the meantime the story also follows Dante while he tries to complete the piece in the 14th century. See, if we're going to make this truly crazy, we'll have Depp playing both roles-- but maybe now that he's taking a break from Tim Burton, he'll stick to something a little more traditional.

Depp's Infinitum Nihil production company will be producing the movie, along with a ton of other fascinating projects they've got in development. This one is hard to wrap my brain around, but the company has shown such good taste in the past that there's a little room here for blind trust.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend