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Though he’s spent the past few years as the director of a franchise about a boozy, womanizing, superhero; Jon Favreau’s best work has been on family films. Well one film in particular. Elf is still his best work, a real holiday classic, of the kind people will be watching in their living rooms on Christmas mornings for decades to come. So it kind of makes sense that after he’s done with his fantasy shoot-em-up Cowboys & Aliens, Favs will return to the world of family friendly filmmaking. He’ll do it with Magic Kingdom.

Deadline says Favreau is in talks to take on the project, which is the latest attempt from Disney to turn their theme park attractions into movies. It worked with Pirates and didn’t work with Haunted Mansion. Now they’re taking a more scattershot approach and in this script written by Battlestar Galactica mastermind Ron Moore, Disney’s entire Magic Kingdom theme park comes to life.

The premise sounds pretty lame, but with a script by Moore and now with Favreau well on his way to directing, there’s reason to be excited anyway. At worst I can see this as something in the vein of Night at the Museum, fun, forgettable, but ultimately well-meaning family fare. But maybe, just maybe, with a script by Moore in his hands, Favreau can find a way to make this another Elf. Just as long as it’s not Zathura, Favs.

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