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Thanks to The Prestige and The Dark Knight, Jonathan Nolan has established himself as a tremendously talented screenwriter, but, up until now, he's only worked with his equally talented brother, Christopher. The writer has been attached to outside projects, namely Interstellar, but that movie, which will be directed by Steven Spielberg, has been talked about since 2007 and is still likely years away thanks to the recent news that Robopocalypse will be the director's next project. So what will be Nolan's first project away from his brother? THR says that it's Hell and Gone. The site reports that The Disappearance of Alice Creed director J Blakeson is now in negotiations to direct the film based on Nolan's script. While the main plot is largely a mystery, it's known that the film will center on the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and is described as a "Titanic-like historical tragedy and love story."

While potentially Jonah's first feature venture away from his brother, it was also recently reported that he and J.J. Abrams were shopping a crime/thriller television series around. As much as I love the work that he's done with his brother (he also wrote the short story on which Memento is based), I am immensely curious to see what he can do striking out on his own. Also, considering all of the praise that Christopher gets for his directorial skills, it may be just the chance the writer needs to get his fair share of the praise. Jonathan Nolan's next script, which is currently set to go into production next spring, is a small, independent movie that you've probably never heard of called The Dark Knight Rises, and it's unknown if it will actually get a full distribution. Stay tuned on that one, though.

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