Joust: We've Run Out Of Video Games

I swear we’re just one step away from a Pac-Man movie. Video game adaptations just keep getting weirder and weirder, and I thought we had reached the end of the strangeness when Will Arnett got Space Invaders a green-light, but apparently not, as Variety announces another strange adaptation: Joust.

For those who don’t know Joust, you’re missing out on a great video game. You right a space-age knight on top of a flying ostrich and joust with other riders, trying to hit them with your lance without getting knocked off yourself. It’s the kind of 2-D single screen game that only could have come about in the ‘80s… and most likely from people with excessive drug habits.

But a great classic game doesn’t necessarily mean a good adaptation to a movie. Heck, Hollywood can’t even handle adapting the franchises that have good stories built in. Now they’re going to attempt to make a movie out of knights riding birds and jousting?

The game has been optioned by Michael Cerenzie and Christine Peters' for their new production banner, CP Prods. There’s no word on what the expected format of the movie would be or any mention of a big distributor, so I wouldn’t expect to see Joust in theaters any time soon… or possibly ever. It just seems too far-fetched an idea to me.