Before Judd Apatow became the writer-director whose name is synonymous with modern comedy, he was a producer on one of the best comedies of the decade that he didn't direct, Anchorman. Though the movie was only a modest success in theaters, it's become a cultural icon since then, and Will Ferrell, director Adam McKay and the rest of the cast have entertained themselves by talking up a sequel ever since.

Empire Online forced Apatow to talk about just that on his recent London trip, and he used a very curious word to describe it: "they." As in, "“They’re making a movie now, Will and Adam." Does that mean he won't be producing it, or just that McKay and Ferrell are the creative forces behind it, and he'll step in to produce when the time comes?

Really Apatow didn't have much to say about the movie-- he suggested that Ferrell could play the role into his twilight years, given how old news anchors can be, but says he hopes they'll make it before then. So, everyone, Judd Apatow does not hold the key to your Anchorman sequel. Get Will Ferrell to give up on a few other projects, and maybe it can happen.

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