Judi Dench Talks Skyfall, What Makes M Cool, And Hangover Cures

Dame Judi Dench standing at her desk, with Jack the Bulldog in Skyfall.
(Image credit: Danjaq, LLC and MGM)

When you're doing an interview on-camera, there are a few awkward moments where you're settling in and the cameras are getting ready, all with the star sitting right across from you. With some actors you just let them be-- the poor people barely get a break through an entire grueling day of interviews. But every now and then the break is a lot longer, while the actor has their makeup adjusted or orders lunch or something, and it would just be weird not to talk, right? So this is how I wound up chatting with Judi Dench about hangover cures.

I had just come from interviewing Daniel Craig, who was putting a packet of Emergen-C in water (clearly, press tour requires extra vitamins). WHen I mentioned it to Dench, she didn't know what it was, so we talked for a while before figuring out the British equivalent of Emergen-C, which is apparently heavy on vitamin B. And then-- yes, we still weren't rolling-- I mentioned that vitamin B is the best cure for a hangover. And oh, did Judi Dench ever know about that nugget of knowledge.

Around that time the cameras cut on, and it seemed wrong not to share, so below you can watch my conversation with the star of Skyfall, who reprises her role as Bond's boss M and gets in on the action more than she ever has before. We talk about being a feminist icon, her grandson thinking she's cool, how Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan are different Bonds, and of course, exactly when you have to take vitamin B for it to be the perfect hangover cure.

Skyfall is in theaters today.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend