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Have you ever been to a party that just wouldn't end? You know, the kind where you have to stick around long enough to make the requisite "appearance," but then can't find that perfect moment where you can slip off unnoticed or make a graceful exit? Maybe it's a lackluster spread of snacks, or the evil eye of a domineer hostess, or the cringe-inducing playlist picked by the world's worst self-proclaimed DJ, but something there is making this the party from hell. Well, this is exactly where the new comedy from Oscilloscope is set.

Written and directed by Todd Berger, It's a Disaster begins at a couples' brunch, where eight friends have gathered for mimosas and good times. But what they get is bickering, backstabbing, and the horrifying revelation that the world as they know it might be coming to an end, trapping them all together in a beautiful house full of guests on the brink of breakdown. Get a glimpse of the mayhem below, thanks to the film's trailer:

This farcical tale of friends, frenemies and the end of the world is Berger's follow-up to the 2009 crime comedy The Scenesters, which also co-starred Blaise Miller, Kevin M. Brennan and Jeff Grace. But for his second feature film, Berger, who can be spotted in the trailer as hazmat-wearing friend who was not invited to brunch, also scored some more notable names including Julia Stiles (Silver Linings Playbook), David Cross (Arrested Development), Rachel Boston ((500) Days of Summer), Erinn Hayes (The Watch), and America Ferrera (Ugly Betty). And from the peek above, this ensemble came ready to play.

It's a Disaster will be available on Video On Demand on March 5th; a limited theatrical run will follow on April 12th.