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More than a decade after the last Jurassic Park sequel released, and nearly two decades after the original feature adaptation of Michael Crichton's modern-day dinosaur tale made its way into theaters comes word that Universal has found a set of writers to tackle the next installment to the franchise. And they know a little something about dangerous creatures unleashed.

"Must go faster…"

Before we get to the news on the writers, let's just get the collective groan about unnecessary sequels out of the way and take the optimistic approach on this for argument's sake. We've known for a while that Universal had its sights set on revisiting Crichton's concept of cloned dinosaurs, and that Steven Spielberg would be involved. Given the choice between recalling Jurassic Park III with a cringe, and approaching the idea of a fourth movie with a positive outlook, I'm going with the latter, mainly because I think I might always like the idea of a movie about dinosaurs being brought into a modern setting and making a mess of wherever they are and trying to make a meal out of whoever might be unfortunate enough to wander into their path.

Deadline has offered an update on Jurassic Park 4 (IV?), stating that Universal is putting Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver to the task of penning the script for the movie, which will be produced (but not directed) by Steven Spielberg, along with Kathleen Kennedy. Jaffa and Silver are credited for the screenplay for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a film I'll admit, I didn't expect to enjoy nearly as much as I did. The story for the film worked, which made the movie much more than just a display of angry apes tearing up a city.

Jaffa and Silver's involvement may also factor in, in part, to my optimism. Consider again that the last Jurassic Park film came out in 2001, and with Rise of the Planet of the Apes in mind, add in the advancements in and potential use of motion capture in this installment, and who knows? Maybe they'll come up with something truly worthy of association with Crichton's original story.

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