Jurassic Park Gets An Awesome 8-Bit Remake

Jurassic World is driving audiences out of their minds right about now, throwing their memories back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and then started to roam multiplexes. That time was 1993, and the world of 8- and 32-bit gaming was alive and well. Now, 22 years later, a fitting tribute has been crafted in the following video that shows Steven Spielberg's classic film in a familiar format.

CineFix is at it again with another installment of 8 Bit Cinema, this time using the format to bring to life the dinosaurs of John Hammond's original fun park. While the results are indeed awesome, the CineFix version of Jurassic Park is more impressive than most of the NES games we were used to back in the day. Well, as it turns out, Cinefix themselves owned up to the truth in the video's description, as they own up to their mistake in the following video description:

Okay! OKAY! This one is pretty much 32-bit! Haha but CineFix presents Jurassic Park retold via old-school 8-bit (and mostly 32 bit ;) game tech.

Cheating description aside, the Jurassic Park remake by CineFix definitely had us flashing back to the original film. As any good parody worth its salt would tell you, the video has tons of joke and references to the 1993 film sprinkled throughout the game itself. The best reference to the original film has to come after the group clears the Dilophosaurs enclosure, only to flash the warning message that zero dinosaurs have been spotted. The only way this could have been more awesome is if there was a rhythm-based mini game where you try to mimic Ian Malcolm's infamous laugh.

While looking back at Jurassic Park's fake video game, we couldn't help but think of the actual video game that was available on NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis. Strangely enough, the graphics do look pretty close to that of the original run of games. In particular, the quality of the Rex reminds us of the dinosaurs that were in the Genesis version, as seen below in the game's final Raptor boss battle.

Unfortunately for the kids of the current generation of gaming, no truly challenging video game tie in for Jurassic World exists. But if you or your children are looking for dinosaur themed gaming, you should ready to laugh your ass off to LEGO Jurassic World when it hits stores. Of course, this is assuming you've seen Jurassic World before playing the video game. If this isn't the case, then we highly recommend booking tickets this evening, so you can have your affairs in order before you hit up your console of choice.

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