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Comic book and movie fans were all saddened when Guillermo Del Toro announced he was stepping away from the planned Justice League Dark movie. While moves like that are the sort of things that often send movies into development hell it looks like that will not be the cast here. Scott Rudin, one of the biggest producers in Hollywood is now on board and he’s looking to get this movie made sooner rather than later.

According to The Tracking Board, Rudin is now spearheading the film’s production, although Del Toro will also be staying on as a producer. Rudin is actively looking for directors and updating the script, with an eye to getting the movie filmed sometime in 2016. All things considered, that’s moving at hyper speed considering that the movie seemed to hit a brick wall once Del Toro decided to focus on Pacific Rim 2 .

Rudin knows more than a few things about shepherding movies through a difficult development period, as he was also the chief architect of this weekend's Steve Jobs. The Sony email hack made the difficulty of getting that film produced something of a public spectacle. Rudin ultimately took the film away from Sony and over to Universal when he realized it wasn’t going to get made there.

In addition to multiple studios, the movie also saw several lead actors and David Fincher enter and exit during its planning stages. What we’re saying is that Scott Rudin gets movies made one way or another. In this case, the word is that Dark Universe - as the film is said to be currently called - is a priority for Warner Brothers. So it’s pretty unlikely Rudin will have the same problems here that he had with that biopic.

The comic book Justice League Dark focuses on some of the more supernatural and mystical elements of the DCU, including characters like recent TV fan favorite John Constantine, as well as magician Zatanna, and Swamp Thing. Guillermo del Toro had been attached to the film project since 2013, but recently had to let it go. There’s no word here on which directors Rudin is looking at to replace del Toro. While it’s difficult to think of one who could have handled the material quite as creatively as the man behind Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth, there are certainly some great names out there to consider. Of course, the actors will also need to be carefully considered. Even if they’re not looking at beginning to film until the end of 2016, starting principal photography a year from now is still a fairly quick turnaround.

So it looks like any rumors of Justice League Dark’s death may have been quite greatly exaggerated. Is this good news or would it have been better if this one had crawled off into the shadows? We'll see soon enough, as Justice League Dark is set to land at some point in 2017.

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