The stereotypical professional advice is always to write what you know, right? So that means all of the characters in Screen Media’s upcoming comedy Authors Anonymous should be writing about their frustrating lives as friendly members in a quasi-support group of success-proof authors. Hopefully we never actually have to find out what they’re writing about, as that might weigh down what looks like an enjoyable comedy about the wide but insular world of writing and the enviable madness that arises within. The above trailer gets definite points for not putting this stacked cast in what I completely expected to be an unrealistically quirky look at writer personalities.

That isn’t to say that any of the titular beings in Authors Anonymous capture and hold the attention span. Except of course for the always memorable Dennis Farina, seen in one of his last roles before an untimely death last year. The film centers on the personality-heavy Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, of The Big Bang Theory fame, who finds herself becoming increasingly alienated by her recently acquired group-mates once she finds an agent and strikes it big with immediate success. Bitches be hatin’ everywhere, so everyone else hits go-mode and tries to find equal achievements in their careers.

Beyond Farina’s excellently named John K. Butzin, the group also consists of William (Jonathan Bennett), Colette (Teri Polo), Alan (Dylan Walsh) and the apparent love interest, American Pie’s smiley face Chris Klein. He somehow manages to land on the "why did no one creative have anything to do with this?" poster that came out alongside the trailer. I dare not be sexist by saying Cuoco-Sweeting should be front and center, selling this thing with attractive geek factors, but goddamn if Klein’s "dawww, shucks" muggery doesn’t make me want to take my computer apart pixel by pixel. A Photoshopped group shot would have been better. Try and blink past that which shall not be genuine.

author’s anonymous poster

If this ends up being something unenjoyable, I’ll be surprised, as the story and screenplay from newcomer David Congalton sounds well-rounded, with the central story of a woman falling into popularity balanced by the neurotic failings of those around her. I mean seriously, they put a dog on the cover of Roaring Lion! As a big fan of Farina, this will be viewed with a twinge of sadness, one that is already hinted at in the trailer with a shot of Butzin giving someone offscreen a farewell salute. While I try and figure out who’s cutting onions in this room, mark your calendars for April 18, when Authors Anonymous hits theaters, or March 18, when you can find it on VOD.