Karyn Kusama Bringing Chloe Moretz Into The Rut

Karyn Kusama's last film Jennifer's Body flopped mightily despite featuring three different It Girls of the moment-- Transformers hottie Megan Fox, actual rising star Amanda Seyfried, and Juno Oscar-winner Diablo Cody as the screenwriter. Now that it's time to give another film a shot, she's altering the formula just slightly by sticking with one It Girl-- actually, make that Hit Girl. As reported by The LA Times, Kusama is developing The Rut and Moretz is in talks to start as the main character, a young girl who uses the hunting and archery skills taught to her by her dad when he goes missing.

Yes, it sounds a whole lot like the second-act climax of Kick-Ass, and given that Hit Girl and Big Daddy's relationship was the best part of the movie, an entire movie of that would be more than welcome. It seems fair to assume Moretz will be using her physical skills once again, though there could be even more hyped outrage if this movie leans as heavily on violence as Kick-Ass and doesn't cover the young offender with a purple wig and mask. Chloe Moretz is ridiculously busy these days, so who knows when she'll actually have the time to get this made, but it's never too early to start hoping that it turns out better than Jennifer's Body and Kusama can find her way back to her Girlfight prime.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend