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I'm getting tired of complaining about all the awful movies coming out this year, but frankly there's nothing else to do. The seemingly endless stream of garbage that has been parading through theaters has been one for the Hollywood record books. Things start looking up next week, but there's still one more weekend of dismal crap to sit through.

Yet another horror movie will strike, bringing with it only one terror: the possibility that it just might sucker in enough teenagers to be the number one movie of the weekend. Prom Night [Read The CB Preview], penned by one of the guys who brought you The Covenant and helmed by a guy who has directed a lot of single episodes of television shows over the last ten years (with not quite as many invites to do a second episode), the movie has disaster written all over it. And yet, it's still probably going to bank more than anything else. Thanks for nothing, youth of America.

Forest Whitaker continues his post-Oscar march of mediocrity by teaming with Keanu Reeves for cliche crime drama Street Kings [Read The CB Review]. Slim chance that the movie will intrigue you as it boldly goes where pretty much every crime drama before it has gone before, but even slimmer are its chances of beating out Prom Night. That's a shame, too. I'd rather just about anything top yet another mindless horror flick.

Your best bet for something moderately entertaining is Smart People [Read The CB Preview]. The cinematic equivalent of Boggle, the film appears to toss together a bunch of successful but very different performers, shake them up and hope to find something that makes sense somewhere in the scramble. It isn't working for most critics, but if you're fortunate enough to have one of its 1000 limited release theaters somewhere near you, you'll get to see the one new release this weekend that will insult your intelligence the least.