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Though Magneto gets to spend plenty of time as the villain of the X-Men universe, in X-Men: First Class he's still buddies with Professor X, so someone else will have to step in to provide the badness. Enter Kevin Bacon, who Deadline Hollywood reports is in negotiations to play the villain role in Matthew Vaughn's film, which nearly has its entire cast in place.

They have no idea what the role might be, and as a devout comic books ignoramus, neither do I-- suggestions from you guys are welcome. If you've been following the news over the last few days you've doubtlessly seen that Lucas Till signed on to play Havok, Nicholas Hoult will play Beast, and James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, as ever, are planning to play Professor X and Magneto. Bacon would be the oldest cast member by far, so use that one bit of information to handle speculation until we get some official news on this.

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