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If you like to watch movies where people beat the hell out of each other, the Kickboxer reboot has the perfect cast to do just that. That’s what the filmmakers want you to know going into the new trailer. To prepare you for said trailer, they have put together a little teaser to show off their amazing cast. Many of them are not known for acting, but they are known for being great at beating the crap out of people, and isn’t that what this is all about?
While Dave Bautista’s name is front and center with lead billing, his is also the one face that you don’t see in the teaser. Instead, we’re treated to a shot of his back. It is a fairly impressive back tattoo to be sure. It’s also not makeup. One of the nice side benefits of the role of Tong Po for Bautista has to be that there’s no need to cover up his extensive body art. It’s a little odd that they seem to be hiding him, as we have seen official images of Bautista as his character, Tong Po. We do get looks at two of our fighters turned actors, Georges St-Pierre and Alain Moussi. The latter will be the film’s hero.

The teaser was actually posted a week ago and neither the teaser itself, nor any other accompanying info, gives us any idea when the actual trailer will be released. Teasers like this are usually used to build hype for an actual trailer release, but that hype is usually only planned for a few days, as sustaining it over the long term can be difficult. Kickboxer: Vengeance is certainly not Warcraft, and there aren’t a lot of people waiting to see what’s coming, but the original film does have its fans who are likely looking forward to seeing the new version.

Kickboxer: Vengeance looks to be something we actually haven’t seen much of, even in the era of continuous franchise building -- a traditional remake. The movie has pretty much the same plot as the original 1989 film, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Moussi’s character, Kurt Sloan, travels to Thailand to get revenge on professional fighter Tong Po following the death of Sloan’s brother in the ring with Po. It’s a fairly straightforward story, and the new film doesn’t look to be changing things up too much. Van Damme will be returning in the new film, this time playing the teacher who train’s Sloane to fight so that he can get his revenge and avoid getting killed in the process.

We are looking forward to checking out the full trailer when it does land. Hopefully, we’ll get a better look at some of the fight scenes that will make or break this one.