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Rashida Jones is best known in her Hollywood career as a series of pretty girls surrounded by funnier people-- she's been an excellent straight woman in TV"s The Office and Parks and Recreation as well as last year's I Love You Man. But in Celeste and Jesse Forever, Jones won't just get to be the star, but she also wrote the screenplay with Will McCormack. And now that King of Kong director Seth Gordon has signed on to direct the thing, it's up to him to help Jones bring the whole idea to life.

Variety reports that they're still looking for a male lead for the film, which is aiming to get started in April. Jones would play one half of a young couple in the midst of a divorce who try to keep up a friendship while starting the painful process of dating other people. McCormack will play a supporting role, presumably since they want a guy with a bigger name to step into the lead.

Gordon's first foray into feature directing was the misguided Four Christmases, but given how acclaimed King of Kong was, you imagine a better script might help him turn it all around. And Jones, after all, is more than just a pretty face-- she's a Harvard grad. I have a good feeling this will turn out better than Gordon's last movie.