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There’s a new 2-disc edition of The 40 Year-Old Virgin coming out soon, and since I’m not about to give up the screener copy that arrived at my house a few weeks ago, I’m in the middle of watching my way through it for a review. Included in all the hours and hours of material on it are a ton of production diaries from director Judd Apatow, in which he stops what he’s doing once a day, finds a camera, and simply talks into it. It’s pretty interesting stuff, and it looks like he’s doing the same thing for his next movie Knocked Up.

This time though, we don’t have to wait for a DVD to see them. Judd has started posting his Knocked Up production diaries on his MySpace page. The first three are available right now, and I’ve posted them below. The guy is a genius, and since Knocked Up is the best movie of the summer, they’re worth viewing. Watch Judd improvise his way through another shoot by clicking play on the vids below: