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Veronica Mars Set Photo

All of the skeptics were wrong: the Veronica Mars movie is actually happening. Following the series' cancellation after its third season, creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell kept hope alive by staying positive about the idea of a film based on the private eye show, but for years Warner Bros. had absolutely no interest in it. But then the Kickstarter happened. Thomas took to the crowdfunding website and asked fans to contribute to the making of a dream. The donations were sent in, the goal was reached, the script was prepped and the actors reunited. Now cameras are finally rolling on the movie, and to celebrate Entertainment Weekly has posted the first official image from the production.

As you can see above, it's not a still from the movie, but rather a behind-the-scenes photo featuring Bell back in costume as the slick detective talking with her director. In honest truth it's not much of a reveal, but it is still fairly amazing that the film is actually happening - and this is proof positive.

Scripted by Thomas, Veronica Mars is set nine years after the end of the show and has the titular character returning to her old home in Neptune, California after graduating Columbia Law School when her ex-boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) enlists her help finding out who killed his pop star girlfriend. The plot will also take Veronica to her 10 year high school reunion, where she will be reunited with friends and enemies alike, including her number one pal Wallace (Percy Daggs III), the computer wiz Mac (Tina Majorino), the tough biker gang leader Weevil (Francis Capra), the incredibly douchey Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen), and the uptight bitch Madison (Amanda Noret). Also set to return are Enrico Colantoni as Veronica's father Keith Mars, Ken Marino as skeezy fellow private dick Vinny Van Lowe, Chris Lowell as the somewhat airheaded Piz,and Daran Norris as Mars family friend/public defender Cliff McCormack.

In my opinion the actor announcement videos that have been going around for the last couple couple months are way better than this new image. You can watch a few of them below.

Veronica Mars doesn't currently have a release date, but you can likely expect it some time in 2014.

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