Kristen Stewart Abruptly Quits Gritty Thriller Cali

Kristen Stewart’s life after the Twilight saga concluded was supposed to be bright. She was dabbling in awards-contending indie period films like On the Road, and flirting with new franchises like Snow White and the Huntsman (which is formulating a sequel as we speak). But things haven’t been quite so rosy. The normally subdued Stewart was linked to a premarital affair with her Huntsman director. And now we’re getting reports that she is dropping out of projects that are in pre-production, leaving producers and directors in the lurch.

That’s the story first floated over at GossipCop, which claims Stewart has left director Nick Cassavetes’ soon-to-shoot Cali and that producers have approached Amber Heard to replace her. Variety’s Josh Dickey then Tweeted confirmation that Stewart has “dropped out” of Cali with no reason given, but went on to say that “reports of a replacement are premature.”

Stewart was set to play Mya, who goes along with her lover (Alex Pettyfer) in filming a fake snuff film. They make a lot of money and escape Los Angeles … only to return a year later to try and rescue Mya’s sister from a group of suspected thugs. Cassavetes will be working from a Michael Diliberti screenplay, and Stewart, ironically, was due to produce.

No matter the reason for the abrupt departure, it’s unprofessional for Stewart to leave a production high and dry like this. Hopefully Cassavetes, who is in post-production on Yellow with Ray Liotta and Sienna Miller, can plug Heard in without losing too big of a beat. Can she bite her lower lip? If so, we should be good to go. One has to wonder if this is merely a blip on Stewart’s radar, or the continuation of a slide that could seriously damage her career. We’ll see what develops.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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