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Right now Kristen Stewart is in the center of some very different headlines about her personal life that, thankfully, we don't have to write about here in the movie section. So instead let's focus on someone who might become her co-star-- and no, we're not talking about Robert Pattinson either. According to Variety, Alex Pettyfer is in final negotiations to join Stewart in Cali, a "gritty action pic" from director Nick Cassavetes, who is best known for directing sappier films like The Notebook and My Sister's Keeper.

As for Pettyfer, you're most likely to recognize him from this summer's Magic Mike, given that potential star-making films like I Am Number Four and Beastly didn't work out so well for him last year. As he did in Magic Mike he'll get to play a roughneck here, starring with Stewart as a pair of lovers who make a fake snuff film-- presumably one in which she's the one snuffed out-- and skip town with the cash. Years later, though, her sister is put in jeopardy, and she must "return to the dead" to go back to her hometown and save her. It's unclear if Pettyfer gets involved in the action from there or if he's just the love interest left behind-- that'd be a fun twist, actually, if Stewart gets to carry the gun and Pettyfer roots for her from the sidelines. But somehow that doesn't seem likely.

] Given that virtually every non-Twilight role Stewart has played has been somewhat dark and gritty, the subject matter is no surprise here, and there's little question that she'll dive into the material. As for Pettyfer, he's a bit more unproven-- he was fine in Magic Mike, but easily overshadowed by his co-stars. With production on the film scheduled to start later this summer, and lots of attention sure to come Stewart's way as she moves on from Twilight, Pettyfer may now really have the chance to show his stuff.

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