Kristen Stewart And Her Mullet Star In The New Runaways Image

Breathe easy, world-- we're almost ready to put Kristen Stewart's Joan Jett mullet behind us. The actress, possibly in an effort to get as far from Bella Swan as possible in-between Twilight movies, chopped off her hair last summer in order to play Jett in the biopic The Runaways, completing her look as a disinterested rebellious teen. Beforehand she'd only looked the part instead of acting it.

But now The Runaways is set for a March release, which means we can finally see the movie that may or may not have inspired thousands of teenage girls to take up the mullet look themselves. If you have no idea what I"m talking about, you can check out the image below, featuring Stewart in her full Runaways gear. To her credit, she looks a whole lot like Jett, and is reportedly pretty good in the first movie to let her actually act since Adventureland.

The Runaways hits theaters March 19. But if you clicked on a story with Kristen Stewart in the title, you probably knew that already.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend