Whether you like it or not, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 comes to theaters in a few short months, on November 16, wrapping up the franchise that's galvanized teen girls and frustrated most everyone else for years. But just because the release date is so close doesn't mean they don't have time to get the cast back on set and polished it. Word broke not long ago that director Bill Condon would be bringing the cast back to set in Vancouver to do some reshoots, nearly a year after principal photography ended, and now Kristen Stewart has revealed just what those reshoots entailed.

Visiting The Tonight Show (via E!) Stewart walked out on stage in flats, explaining she had injured her foot during the reshoots. And while she wasn't giving away a whole lot of details, she admitted that the new footage was focused largely on the hunting scenes-- "more of the hunts in the beginning. We all wanted more of it."

Given that the film's teaser trailer, which you can watch below, focused almost entirely on Bella hunting in the woods, it's no surprise that they want to emphasize it in the movie. In case you're behind on the most popular vampire franchise of all time, at the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1 Bella was transformed into a vampire after giving birth to her and Edward's daughter, Renesmee. The final shot of the movie showed her eye opening and turning the distinct red of the vampire who's hungry for blood, and in the teaser trailer we see her getting that blood the people-friendly, Cullen way: hunting animals in the woods. Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be about a lot of things, but Bella's transformation into a vampire is a big part of it-- so these reshoots, late as they may be, make perfect sense for us.

Watch Bella hunt in the teaser trailer below.

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