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By focusing on the young, leaf-covered warrior named Nod voiced by The Hunger Game's Josh Hutcherson, Epic's first trailer introduced us to its incredible hidden world that exists beneath our noses. The second trailer revealed the movie's heroine, a plucky redhead named Mary Katherine voiced by Les Miserables' Amanda Seyfried. Its international trailer unveiled plenty of action as well as a dangerously affectionate pug puppy named Ozzie. But Epic's latest trailer (which you can watch above, or in hi-res over at Apple) is the first to give us a close-up of the other colorful characters that make up this wild ensemble.

Colin Farrell is Ronin, defender of the weak, Leafmen leader, and silver fox. Christoph Waltz is the evil Mandrake, who wears a gruesome bat hide. Pitbull plays Bufo, a smart-mouthed frog with sleek style. Beyoncé Knowles shows up as the mystical Queen Tara. Jason Sudeikis voices Bomba, a loving father/loony inventor whose look is reminiscent of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-era Rick Moranis. Aziz Ansari and Chris O'Dowd play a pair of comical bugs, a slug and snail respectively. And Aerosmith's Steven Tyler lends his legendary voice to a tie-dye favoring caterpillar, because why the hell not?

This animated adventure from the creators of Ice Age follows Mary Katherine's journey when she accidentally gets shrunk and then entangled in an epic battle between good and evil that's breaking out all over the forest her father has long been obsessed with. With flashes of spectacle, action, slapstick, and the promise of some family-friendly romance, Epic looks like it could prove to be solid summer fun, and overcome its painfully bland title.

Epic opens May 24th in 3D.