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If you wish to maintain your faith in humanity, I recommend not heading over to the Rotten Tomatoes page for The Dark Knight Rises. While most reviews of the film thus far have been positive, the most awful, rabid Batman fans have taken it upon themselves to post hundreds of comments on each negative review, in some cases calling for injury or death to the critic who wrote said review. It honestly makes me feel ashamed for being both a Batman and a film fan - this is a movie that hasn't even come out yet! - and with any luck karma will give all of those people a swift kick in the ass. But for those legitimately feeling upset about bad Dark Knight Rises reviews (why?), has a new infographic that you should consult.

The site has created "The Five Stages of Coping With a Negative Dark Knight Rises Review," a step by step guide about how you should be feeling and dealing with people who don't like the movie that you are determined to love no matter what the cost. Check it out below!

I must say that I am still baffled by this whole thing. Are there people out there who really expected everyone in the world to love The Dark Knight Rises? More importantly, if they are so dead-set on loving the movie, why do they care what critics have to say in the first place? If anyone has any insight into this mentality please leave us a note in the comments section below.

The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Christopher Nolan, opens nationwide this Friday both in regular theaters and IMAX. For more about the movie, including stills, trailers, posters, and news, head over to our Blend Film Database.

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