Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Martin Scorsese Retrospective In New York City

You now have an excellent reason to travel to Manhattan in the coming days. New York City’s Ziegfeld Theater announced plans to celebrate the collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio with a two-day, five-film retrospective on February 13th and 14th. The hook of the retrospective will be a moderated conversation with multiple Wolf of Wall Street players following the screening of that Oscar-nominated film.

According to a press release, Kent Jones of the New York Film Society at Lincoln Center will moderate the conversation with DiCaprio, editor Thelma Schoonmaker and Academy Award-nominated writer Terence Winter prior to the Wolf screening. As you know, Wolf has been nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay. We also recently reported that it recently became Scorsese’s highest-grossing film of all time. Not just with DiCaprio. Ever.

So, what are they screening? The retrospective will include The Aviator:

The Departed (which won Scorsese his first and only Best Director trophy):

Their first collaboration, Gangs of New York:

The haunting Shutter Island:

And Wall Street:

All films will be presented in DCIP Digital format. Tickets for individual screenings are on sale at the Ziegfeld box office or online at www.bowtiecinemas.com. You can also visit www.bowtiecinemas.com for showtimes. All screenings, and the Q-and-A, will be held at the Ziegfeld, located at 141 W. 54th St. in Manhattan. We’re already trying to figure out how we can get there by Thursday.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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