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Leonardo DiCaprio Remaking WarGames

Yesterday we told you about some cool updates happening over on Production Weekly’s Twitter feed. As if in response to our praise of their greatness, they’ve now overloaded their feed with all kinds of cool news on upcoming projects which, every site on the internet is now snatching up with vigor. We are such trendsetters.

Of the great updates being posted there tonight the one that most has my attention is the news that Leonardo DiCaprio is “looking to reboot the 80's thriller WarGames at MGM.” The original WarGames released in 1983, starred a very young Matthew Broderick as a kid who hacks into a super intelligent military computer. The computer goes haywire and starts confusing games with reality, and pushes the world to the bring of World War III.

The possibility of a WarGames sequel at MGM is something we’ve been following for awhile. In fact in July of last year they released a direct-to-dvd War Games sequel titled Wargames: The Dead Code starring Heroes bit player Matt Lanter. If DiCaprio is getting involved, this must be an entirely new project. Probably a complete, theatrical remake with Leo as a producer through his Appian Way production company.