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I’m sure that you've been waiting with baited breath for the Lesbian Vampire Killers trailer. Well, the wait is over. We have the full trailer from JoBLo. The Vampire killers may or may not be lesbians, but the vampires definitely are. In a strange twist on vampire lore, it seems that the lesbian vampires have white blood and make out with one another all the time.

The following preview has just the right amount of kitche and just the right amount of violence. It seems that the title of the film is a purposeful throwback to the days when people used to name movies after the main threat of the film, eg. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or Attack of the 50ft. Woman etc. I assumed calling a movie Lesbian Vampire Killers was just a cheap marketing ploy to get teenage boys into those theater seats. But, maybe not, the movie seems well thought out and the characters like-able. This movie could actually be good.

Check out the preview below!