Liam Gallagher Wants Johnny Depp For Planned Beatles Biopic

Everyone knows Johnny Depp modeled his Pirates of the Caribbean antihero Capt. Jack Sparrow after Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. But would Depp be willing to lend his considerable talents to a project centered around the Stones’ chief rock ‘n’ roll rival, The Beatles?

Only if Liam Gallagher gets his way. The former lead singer for the British outfit Oasis (which borrowed heavily from the Beatles’ songwriting book) is adapting a feature film based on Richard DiLello's 1973 memoir The Longest Cocktail Party. The book details the Beatles’ final days, exploring their relationship with the Apple Corps. label. Depp is being recruited to play Derek Taylor, the Beatles’ publicist at the time, according to Q Magazine.

Gallagher said that the script is finished, and is “gonna blow people’s minds.” He added that the part of Taylor’s got Depp “written all over it man.”

Given their cultural impact and rich rock history, I’m honestly surprised there have not been more movies made about The Beatles. Whole chapters could be written about the band’s early success, their drug-enhanced creative middle period, and -- of course -- their complicated finale. I’m unfamiliar with DiLello’s book, but am going in picking it up. I’m also interested in seeing what Gallagher and his production team can do with a Beatles biopic, of sorts, especially if Depp’s involved.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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