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In case you haven't been paying attention for the last decade or so, Oscar-nominated actor Liam Neeson has re-invented himself as an action-hero. And he’s pretty damn good at it, too. In fact, the Irish thespian is so prevalent in these roles that he’s signed up to star in yet another, and by the sounds of its ridiculously awesome title it's already intriguing. That’s because it’s called The Revenger.

Variety reports that Universal Pictures has acquired The Revenger. However, rather than simply seeing Liam Neeson going around shooting up bad guys, ala Taken, Non-Stop, and Run All Night, this time it looks like he's decided to add a bit of mirth into the mix, too, and make fun of himself in the process.

Even though The Revenger’s plot details and logline are currently being kept under wraps, it already has plenty of potential to succeed in this department. That’s because Universal Pictures decided to pick up the action-comedy from a pitch by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant.

There’s a good chance that you’ll already recognise Thomas Lennon, as he has made appearances in a number of renowned television series, including Friends, The League, Party Down, How I Met Your Mother, Archer, New Girl, and Reno 911!, as well as popping up in supporting roles in Hancock, 17 Again, I Love You, Man, We’re The Millers, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and Transformers: Age Of Extinction, and each time he’s shone. Simply put, he’s popped up in so much you might be embarrassed if you don’t recognise him.

As a writer, working alongside his partner Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon has well and truly excelled, too. In fact, the pair’s films, which include the Night At The Museum trilogy and The Pacifier, have grossed over $1.4 billon at the box office.

And if the film’s stellar title, and the idea of Liam Neeson working alongside Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, isn’t enough to sell The Revenger to you, then maybe the fact that it’s been directed by Ruben Fleischer, of Zombieland, 30 Minutes or Less, and Gangster Squad fame, will do the trick.

Fleischer was thought to be working on Zombieland 2 at the moment, but it appears that The Revenger will now take precedent. Let’s just hope that he gets more luck turning Liam Neeson into a comedian than Ricky Gervais did in Life’s Too Short. Because if it’s anything like that then it could be excruciating. Or sensational. I can’t decide. 

We can expect The Revenger to be put into production at some point early next year, while it might even be suited for a summer 2017 release date, since its originality would juxtapose nicely with the raft of superhero films and sequels. 

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