Liam Neeson Might Kill A Mobster To Save His Son In Fair Trade

Over the past few years, Liam Neeson has become the go-to actor to play well-intentioned, older husbands and fathers forced to beat the living hell out of men, wolves and anything in between. If producers Randall Emmett and George Furla have it their way, the actor will continue that trend by toplining the duo’s next project.

Entitled Fair Trade, the film is an adaptation of the Serbian thriller The Trap. It follows an overeducated limo driver looking to pay for a surgery his son needs. After the insurance falls through, a complete stranger offers him an unsettling bargain. In exchange for the life of one gangster, the surgery will be covered in its entirety.

Obviously, the script has Neeson’s name written all over it, which is why it’s being developed as a potential vehicle for the sixty-year-old. Unfortunately, according to Deadline, he has not boarded yet. Whether he does or not, plans are currently in motion to begin principal photography in Pittsburgh next summer with Ericson Core directing and Open Road Films likely distributing the final product into theaters.

In theory, there are a lot of older action stars who could play this role, but very few of them resonate with women as well as Neeson. Thus, his presence would likely increase the budget and the eventual screen count. We’ll let you know when the main role is cast, whether it’s Liam or someone else.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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