Listen To Liam Neeson Make An Hysterical Prank Phone Call As His Taken Character

What would you do if you got a call from Bryan Mills himself? The main character of the Taken franchise is pretty badass, so any of us would probably crap a brick in excitement. But now imagine that Mills is threatening to break your arm — slowly. You’d be losing your bowels for a completely different reason. Well, that’s what the man who broke the heart of Maggie Grace had to endure.

Grace went on Conan the other night to promote the next and last installment of the series, Taken 3. (We refuse to refer to it as Tak3n.) During the festivities, its host Conan O’Brien brought up a story that he’d heard about involving Grace, her ex-boyfriend, Liam Neeson and Bryan Mills. The actress had gone through a breakup and was telling her Taken co-star all about it. As a result, Neeson — not Grace, mind you — instantly wanted revenge, so the two devised a plan for the actor to prank call her ex in the voice of Taken persona. Better still, O’Brien revealed that he had the actual audio from said call.

This should be a warning to anyone out there looking to hurt Grace, or any of the women close to Neeson’s heart, in any way. You just don’t mess with family.

Neeson is understandably protective of Grace. The two have played an on-screen father-daughter team throughout all the Taken films, the first of which saw her getting kidnapped. In the prank phone call, Neeson was using his famous speech from this film, in which he drops the "particular set of skills" line and sends shivers down his enemy’s spine. It’s pretty safe to say that Grace’s ex probably saw at least one of the Taken movies — a good boyfriend would go see his gal’s work, right? — but the prank would’ve been so much funnier if he hadn’t. Can you imagine someone not knowing who the hell Bryan Mills was getting this terrifying message? We would love to have seen his reaction.

In Taken 3, Neeson will have to utilize his set of skills once again, but in a different way. He promises no one will be kidnapped this time around, but that he’ll be on the run from authorities after he’s framed for the murder of his ex-wife. (We’re already gonna stop all you spoiler haters prepping retaliation. It’s technically not a spoiler if that reveal was in the trailer.) We hope Grace’s ex will be watching, though hearing Mills’ voice again might cause some post-traumatic stress.