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Maggie Grace Confirmed For Taken 3

A flustered Bruce Willis, running around in Die Hard 2, recognizes the ludicrousness of this given situation – having to deal with lethal terrorists once again – and mutters, "How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?" Don’t the actors responsible for the ongoing Taken series feel the same way by now?

Sure, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), we get that your daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace), was taken in the initial film. Then the rest of the family had to get involved for Taken 2. And when that film broke the bank, plans for a third were triggered… now with Grace agreeing to return to the role of the perpetually threatened daughter. Deadline confirms Grace’s return to the series, stating that she is the first cast member with an actual deal in place to join Neeson for what is being called the third and "final" Taken movie. Because really, how many times can they keep going back to this well?

The thing about the Taken series is that Neeson already has begun farming out the formula to similar movies, hoping to get a franchise off the ground. No pun intended. He lent his "particular set of skills" to Non-Stop earlier this year. He kicked equal amounts of ass in Unknown and The Grey. Hell, we dedicated an entire 24-hour film marathon to Neeson’s ability to beat some bad-guy ass! Will the idea feel more than a little tired by the time Taken 3 rolls into theaters?

Not if they surround Neeson with some incredible actors. Grace, aside, the Taken sequel reportedly was eyeing Forest Whitaker for a supporting part. He was in talks, but that news that Grace was the lone co-star with a contract has us wondering if Whitaker found a way out. Maybe all of the monies tied to Taken went to Neeson? Because he reportedly banked a $20 million paycheck to return to the series, even though he initially swore they would NOT make a third movie.

Well, here comes part three.

Maybe Neeson was pitched an idea that was too good to pass up on? Maybe he likes working with Grace, and director Olivier Megaton? Or maybe it was just that $20 million payday? Either way, plans for the third Taken are falling into place. You KNOW that Key and Peele are excited. "What about Taken 3, though?"

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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