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I'm sorry, Twilight fans. I know you think we have this unfair bias against everything about that movie, including Robert Pattinson, who is apparently the only movie star who matters anymore. And while I'm proud of him for taking what looks like a daring role in the movie Little Ashes, playing Salvador Dali, I'm not sure the casting was smart on anyone's part.

Take a look at the trailer below, originally posted at Yahoo! Movies. It's not that Pattinson looks particularly bad in the part--he's even doing the double-daring move of playing a Spaniard as well as a gay character, at least during an affair with friend Federico Garcia Lorca. But Pattinson, a Brit, seems a little out of place playing a Spanish surrealist. The movie also seems a little odd, mixing archival footage and scenes of Lorca and Dali making out with reckless abandon. But hey, it's just a trailer-- there's still plenty more to learn from here. Check out the trailer and see if you're ready to see Pattinson twirl his crazy mustache.