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Fourth of July weekend is in full swing and since most people got all the fireworks out of their system on Thursday, it might be a good time to head out to a movie theater with the family. That’s resulting in a record-breaking Fourth of July box office. It’s been particularly good news for Despicable Me 2 which has already earned more than $200 million worldwide. It’s not such great news for The Lone Ranger which is on the receiving end of a minion beat-down.

Bottom line: Johnny Depp as a Native American sidekick just isn’t selling tickets. The Lone Ranger is unlikely to make it even to $50 million as its final domestic total for the 5-day holiday weekend. Disney’s in trouble here because it wasn’t exactly cheap to make. Though Johnny Depp reportedly took a 20% pay cut to star, the film still cost around $215 million to get in the can. You’d think they’d be able to bring it in cheaper, after all the movie’s lead is a relative unknown named Armie Hammer. Hiring him to star in your movie is not a pricey proposition.

All that spending just isn’t paying off. Audiences seem to be over the whole Johnny Depp doing weird characters in a Gore Verbinski movie with too much CGI thing. The Pirates franchise already sucked that well dry. It probably didn’t help that critics hated it. Lone Ranger currently sits at a dismal 24% on Rotten Tomatoes. A score that low almost makes our 2.5 star review seem generous.

Probably The Lone Ranger will find a way to break even. Thanks to the rise of international audiences almost nothing Hollywood produces ever actually loses money. They’ll find some unsuspecting audience to foist it on, one way or another. It hasn’t been released in places like Brazil or Japan yet. Maybe someone there will want this...

Personally I'd rather have this...

Why aren't you seeing The Lone Ranger? Let us know in the comments below.

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