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When we think of summer movies, we normally think of films that are hopped up on spectacle and substance. Mixed in with the usual oohs and aahs are at least a couple of movies that make us think and feel, though. Judging by the new trailer for Love And Mercy, this film is definitely a member of the latter category. Watch for yourself in the video below.
The new trailer for Love And Mercy dropped on YouTube, and it's definitely a step up from the earlier, sparser footage that was released two months ago. Much like the previous preview, the story of Brian Wilson's breakdown during the recording of Pet Sounds and his renewal of sorts during his fight against the man that he trusted with his mental health in the 1990's. The film stars John Cusack as the 1990's version of Brian Wilson and Paul Dano as the 1960's version of the same man, with Elizabeth Banks and Paul Giamatti co-starring as the woman who helped Wilson and the man who controlled him, respectively.

Our own Eric Eisenberg saw Love And Mercy at SXSW this year, and his glowing review reinforces the better picture this new trailer paints of the film, as both Dano and Cusack seem to inhabit the skin of the same character in an extremely effective manner. Indeed, the Bill Polhad-directed biopic looks more emotionally resonant this time around, with Cusack and Banks' romance on full display, and Dano's surprisingly good singing skills being shown off as well. If Ryan Gosling doesn't pan out in that new Damian Chazelle musical, then Paul Dano certainly looks like he'd make a great substitution.

All involved look to be on top form in the new Love And Mercy trailer, which is a relief considering the story it's set out to tell in the middle of blockbuster season. Brian Wilson's music is iconic in both its creation, as well as its artistic value, and one of the best ways to pay tribute to the man behind such legendary songs as God Only Knows is to tell his story to the world in a way that does the man justice. All signs are pointing to Love And Mercy being a film that respects its subject with that level of reverence, and it's comforting to know that those early glimpses were nothing more than first impressions. While the biggest and best popcorn films are set to duke it out this summer at the box office, it's nice to know that films like Love And Mercy will be present to cleanse the palette between the explosions and origin stories that summer is mostly known for.

Love And Mercy debuts in theaters on June 5th. It's assumed to be a wide release, but check your listings closer to the release window to make sure the film is available in you area.

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