Machete Kills Spanish Trailer Surprises With Off-The-Wall Cameos

My Spanish is a bit rusty so I’m not exactly sure what Robert Rodriguez and his frequent collaborator Danny Trejo are saying in the introduction for the above trailer for Machete Kills, shared via OMG Yahoo. Thankfully, the site of Sofia Vergara shooting bullets out of her bra-gun transcends any language barrier.

I love the opening, with the President of the United States (Charlie Sheen!!) sparing Machete (Trejo) from the gallows because he has one mission only this killer can perform. And almost every image crammed into the new minute of edited footage screams “Grindhouse,” from the massive blades to the bodacious curves of Trejo’s various female co-stars. This includes Lady Gaga, who looks like the one wild card that doesn’t fit into this deck of Rodriguez’s day players. Perhaps that’s why I’m most excited to see what the pop singer can bring to this bloody table.

OK, actually, there’s another wild card in the cast … but you have to watch the clip to discover it for yourself.

Rodriguez’s initial Machete movie – itself spawned from the director’s 2008 Grindhouse experiment with Quentin Tarantino – earned a solid $44 million in worldwide ticket sales back in 2010 - but that was off a reported $10M budget. By keeping his costs in check, Rodriguez routinely guarantees a profit for his homegrown endeavors, and he and Trejo seem to have locked into a fan-favorite character here. We’ll see what kind of gory thrills the pair have come up with when Machete Kills opens in theaters on September 13th.

UPDATE!: The English-language version has arrived online too!

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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