With the title Jack and Diane, writer-director Bradley Rust Gray's follow-up to the acclaimed indie The Exploding Girl brings to mind the catchy anthem of John Mellencamp that told the tale of "two American kids growing up in the heartland." Yet rather than unfolding a story of a middle America football star and his debutante girlfriend, Gray has created an unconventional portrait of the passion that brews between two young women—one a tough tomboy, the other a girly Brit—who fall in love in New York City.

"I just want to unzip my body and put you in there," one confesses to the other in the film's first trailer, revealing an approach that aims to capture the all-consuming nature of infatuation and young love. But far from the pared down NYC love story he told in The Exploding Girl, Gray takes Jack and Diane into strange territory as their tumultuous relationship spurs strange and lycanthropic physical changes in one of its young lovers. Check out the trailer below, or in hi-res at Apple:

Rising starlets Riley Keough and Juno Temple star as Jack and Diane respectively, and while both have noticeable supporting roles in some of this summer's most talked about movies (Keough as the pig-loving party girl in Magic Mike, and Temple as Catwoman's unnamed gal pal in The Dark Knight Rises) this could prove a distinctively stange enough feature to win them the deep devotion of niche fans. Between the bone and hair-strewn stop-motion of the Brothers Quay and the Icelandic dream pop group múm, Jack and Diane's trailer offers just enough peculiar components give it a haunting mystique.

Jack and Diane will be made available on iTunes starting September 28th. A theatrical release will follow on November 2nd.

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