Man Of Steel Concept Art Is Almost As Amazing As The Latest Trailer

The recent Man of Steel trailer blew our minds, moving it from the middle of our Must See list for summer blockbusters right to the very top. It balanced Superman’s origin story (told in compelling fashion) with the Zack Snyder action that fans really are hoping to see on screen when the movie airs. The trailer sold the film, and this new concept art continues to get our pulses racing.

ComicBookMovie confirmed that a series of gorgeous images shared on GBPosters are official marketing materials for Snyder’s film. They don’t reveal much. But they are stylish as hell, and will make amazing wallpapers and screensavers for Superman fans waiting for Man of Steel to drop. Here are three of our favorites, but click this link to see the rest.



Supes Logo

Some of the images convey a much darker Man of Steel than I think we’ve expected to see … even after the trailer, which paints Superman as a beacon of hope, and tries to establish him as the standard to which flawed human beings are supposed to strive. But look at this imagery. Burning red eyes? Scowls? Superman looks like he’s ready to thrown down, so General Zod (Michael Shannon) better be prepared to rumble.

Snyder’s Man of Steel has the potential to dominate the summer blockbuster season by surprising audiences with the first devastatingly impressive Superman movie that we’ve seen since the early Donner days. As much as I enjoyed Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (and it takes far more abuse than it deserves), I think Snyder has nailed the blueprint of the Blue Boy Scout, and I’m anxious to see how Man of Steel plays. It will be in theaters on June 14.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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