Are you familiar with Minecraft? If you have elementary school-aged children, you’ve likely endured the brick-building, universe-crafting game available on assorted mobile devices and personal computers. It’s addicting … especially if you are age 11 and younger. And if you’ve ever wondered what Superman might look like in the game, look above.

Mine of Steel: An Ideal of Hope was posted to YouTube by Machinima, and if you know how Minecraft works, it must have taken FOREVER to reconstruct the Man of Steel trailer using the digital blocks of the game. The imagery looks rough and, well, blocky – and Amy Adams looks … well, unflattering in the Minecraft world. But the sight of young Clark Kent wearing a cape and putting his hands on his hips is transcendental in any medium. Breathtaking.

However, if you need legitimate Man of Steel footage, Warner Bros. unleashed a slew of TV spots and this most-recent trailer. Here are the last two television commercials.

Better, right? We have been hearing such amazing things about Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, with an early review from an Australian screening (posted on Ain’t It Cool News) getting our hopes up by saying Snyder’s movie plays to the fans. The effects work in the film, at the very least, looks MUCH better than what we see in the Minecraft world. But we absolutely appreciate the work that went into the creation of the clever Minecraft homage.

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