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As a fan of the action-thriller genre, I want to get excited about 2 Guns, a sure-to-be-brawny crime-drama that pairs action-movie stalwarts Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg for a fight against the mob. But even as the first official image for the movie drops, I’m finding more reasons to be wary of the film than I am to be gung-ho. Check out the pic, then skip to the bottom to read why I'm worried.

(Click here for a larger version of the image.)

OK, give me a moment to gripe. Denzel Washington’s currently on the Oscar campaign trail promoting his outstanding work in Robert Zemeckis’ Flight. And every time I see him gearing up for a enjoyable but superficial guns-blazing thriller like Safe House, Unstoppable and The Book of Eli, it means another couple of years before we’ll see him risk and stretch in something as deep and rewarding as Flight.

The same goes for Wahlberg. We all ignored Broken City. Are we going to be lining up for 2 Guns, or are we holding out hope for another The Fighter, The Lovely Bones or I Heart Huckabees?

Here’s why we can get excited for 2 Guns, though. The movie will be adapted from a Steven Grant graphic novel, and the author has penned books for Marvel, D.C. and Dark Horse, to name a few. His story casts Wahlberg and Washington as an undercover DEA agent and a Naval intelligence officer, respectively, who plot to steal from a mob-controlled bank (without realizing that they’re both being manipulated by the Mafia behind the scenes). The first image packs plenty of attitude, but doesn’t reveal much about director Baltasar Kormákur’s visual style. We’ll know more after the trailer, with the movie arriving in theaters on Aug. 16.

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