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Mark Wahlberg has been behind a surprising number of critically-acclaimed television shows and movies as a producer, from The Fighter to HBO shows Entourage and Boardwalk Empire, and now he hopes to bring his magic touch to a new project about a digital terrorist. The star is pairing with Universal Pictures to make a new currently-untitled film about real-life incident involving a hacker and the student population of a high school.

THR says that the actual events were documented by David Kusher in a GQ article that ran in January of this year, and that Jonathan Herman has been hired to write the screenplay. Herman wrote the script for the long in-development remake of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, but has also been featured twice on the annual Black List, with his scripts Conviction (which is set to be produced by Joel Silver's Silver Pictures) and Rites of Men (which is also set up at Universal). In the real story, hacker Luis Mijangos went much further than just looking into people's email accounts and sending instant messages - he dove into students' hard drives and even went as far as to spy on them through their own web cameras. And what's more he did it all from his wheelchair.

Wahlberg will soon start work on Michael Bay's Transformers 4, but has a good number of films already set to be released in 2013, including the crime drama Broken City, Bay's dark comedy Pain & Gain, Peter Berg's marine story Lone Survivor, and the comic book action flick 2 Guns.