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The Fighter doesn’t seem like the kind of movie that lends itself to a sequel, but director David O. Russell has been talking about doing another one almost since the moment the original was released. Mark Wahlberg has been on board with this notion too, lobbying to get another one done and only to eager to get back in the ring as Micky Ward. Now it looks like it’s really happening.

During the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards, Wahlberg stood up to accept the prize for “Guy Movie of the Year” and in the process announced The Fighter 2. The movie will focus on Mickey Ward’s fights with Arturro Gatti, left out of the original film according to Wahlberg, specifically so they’d have material for a sequel. He says, “We're not going to do Fighter 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 but we are going to do 2, and we're going to do the Ward-Gatti trilogy.”

Mark didn’t confirm whether David O. Russell will be involved but back in March the writer/director said he was ready to write the followup. Expect him back on set.