Movie marketing is a very tricky business to get into, particularly if you're one of those lucky people that gets to decide what goes into the trailer. Fans are becoming increasingly frustrated with how trailers are selling movies these days, and Mark Wahlberg is a sympathetic ear to that exact group of film geeks. In an interview with IGN, Mark Wahlberg lamented how trailers today seem to thrive on selling the money shots instead of genuine product:

I think a lot of times moviegoers are kind of tricked by trailers. They’ll see a cool moment and go, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to see that,’ but once they've seen it, they’ve seen the best bits of the movie,"

The Transformers: Age Of Extinction itself is guilty of the same tactics Michael Bay has used to sell each prior installment of the series, as it features shots of explosions, familial strife, and tons of harrowing scenarios between humans and Transformers alike. One part that Mark Wahlberg seems to believe is undersold in the trailers we've seen is Optimus Prime's recruitment of the Dinobots. Apparently, we're being fed a line of lies if we think that it's as simple as slugging Grimlock in the face to get him to join the cause. Wahlberg seems genuinely excited about the film's handle on that plot-line, stating:
I think people are definitely going to get their money’s worth, it’s well worth the wait. And I think, for the die-hard fans, they’re going to have a whole new thing to kind of look forward to in the future."

While the participation of the Dinobots and the fate of humanity are at stake in Transformers 4, there's another somewhat subtle plot thread that the film's viral marketing campaign has focused itself around: the deportation of Transformers.

As we've seen on the film's viral marketing site, the Transformers aren't exactly welcome on our planet. In fact, the nations of the world have unified against them as a common threat, and have made their feelings about Optimus Prime and his kin rather clear:

Aussies Hate Transformers

Entertainment Weekly has picked up on a theme similar to that of the X-Men franchise, where those that might save us are seen as the real menace at hand, only instead of civil rights being the real life issue at hand, they seem too think that deportation and immigration have been inserted into the script instead.

Thankfully, the trailers and viral marketing have been vague enough to keep us all relatively in the dark. We know very little outside of what the marketing has told us, and Mark Wahlberg's excitement for Transformers is as strong as it's ever been. It's nice to know that even Hollywood stars of his stature get tired of studio marketing campaigns lighting the fuse a little to early, only to leave the crowd underwhelmed when they see what they weren't shown in the commercials. It shows that a star can be proud and anxious for a product they truly believe in, so much so that they want the public to enjoy it as fresh as possible.

Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction opens in theaters on June 27th, so there's bound to be plenty of commercials and maybe even another trailer or two that might spoil more surprises. If those in charge don't want a Mark Wahlberg tantrum on their doorstep, it's probably advised that they ease up on the spoiler throttle the next couple of turns out.

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