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As far as Ant-Man casting news goes, Marvel's keeping their character details close to the vest right now, at least as it relates to some of the supporting players. The latest bit of casting to surface this weekend reveals that Matt Gerald has joined Edgar Wright's movie, and that he'll be playing "one of the bad guys."

Deadline reported that news, and the fact that we know that Gerald is playing a villainous character of some sort is actually more information than we got when we heard that Patrick Wilson was in talks for "the last major role" in the movie. Or when it was announced that Corey Stoll was in negotiations to appear in the film, with no specifics on his part mentioned. At the very least, we know Gerald isn't going to be one of the good guys in this story. And the villain clue might give fans of the comics enough to go on for now.

Even if Deadline hadn't clued us in on his villain status, we might have guessed as much, as the actor does tend to shine at playing antagonists. Remember the murderous Ray Speltzer in Season 7 of Dexter? He was the guy who put on horns before he murdered women. Things really began to heat up for him near the end of his brief arc on the series...

You may also recognize him as White Power Dave in the Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King (featured on the Thor the Dark World Blu-ray):

His other credits include Escape Plan, Red Dawn and appearances in Castle, Hawaii Five-0, Grimm, Intelligence and Last Resort. And you may also recognize him from Avatar...


Assuming he's not reprising the one shot's "White Power Dave," there isn't much to speculate about his role in Ant-Man. But what we do know about the film is that it's one of many anticipated movies lined up for Summer 2015 (July 17, 2015), and that it stars Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd, both of whom are expected to don the Ant-Man suit. Douglas plays Dr. Henry Pym, the man who discovers Pym Particles. He's the original Ant-Man, while Rudd plays Scott Lang, a desperate criminal who ends up stealing the Ant-Man suit. We're more than a year out for this film to hit theaters, so it may be a little while before more solid details begin to emerge, but in the meantime, the cast is shaping up nicely, with Evangaline Lilly and Michael Pena among the other names attached, in addition to Rudd, Doulas, Wilson, Stoll and now Gerald.

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