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Match Trailer: Watch Patrick Stewart Crush It As A Choreographer

Patrick Stewart may be best known for his big franchise roles, starring as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek universe and playing Professor X in the X-Men movies, but every once in a while it's nice to see him step away for something smaller. Case in point, we have the first trailer for Match:

The sophomore feature from writer/director Stephen Belber, best known for making the 2008 Jennifer Aniston/Steve Zahn dramedy Management, Match stars Patrick Stewart as Tobi Powell, an acclaimed choreographer and Julliard professor. He is approached by a woman (Carla Gugino) and her husband (Matthew Lillard) about doing an interview for a dissertation being written about dance in 1960s New York, and he gladly agrees. As we see unfold in the trailer, however, the couple actually has ulterior motives, and slowly the truth begins to expose itself.

Match first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and has been picked up by IFC Films - and I must say that I'm intrigued. Not only am I curious about the true reasoning behind the husband and wife's visit to Tobi Powell's house, I also find the extreme tonal shifts in the second half of the trailer very strange. As Patrick Stewart's character begins to realize that something isn't 100% okay with the interview, tempers begin to flair and people start chasing each other and throwing each other around. But while it seems like Carla Gugino and Matthew Lillard are out to get revenge in the first half of the trailer, it later seems like there is a romance blossoming between the wife and the dance professor. It's definitely a strange trailer, but it has me curious about the film.

It's still unknown if Patrick Stewart will be reprising his role as Professor Charles Xavier in Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, but the good news is that there are a few new Stewart projects coming out in the next few months. Next November he will be seen starring in the Christmas comedy Stuck, which will see him jammed into a stopped elevator with the likes of Jon Heder, Gary Gole and James Roday. He will also be playing a neo-Nazi in the new drama Green Room, which is being directed by acclaimed Blue Ruin filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier and just released a first look image this week. More Patrick Stewart is always a good thing, and it looks like we'll be seeing plenty of him over the next few months.

For those of you who are interested in seeing Match, IFC Films will be releasing the movie in theaters on January 14, 2015, and will be following that up with a VOD release two days later on January 16, 2015.

Eric Eisenberg

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