Actors talk about potential sequels all of the time. That’s doesn’t mean we’re any closer to a Lethal Weapon 5, a Goonies 2 or the further adventures of Eddie Murphy’s Detective Axel Foley. Often it’s just an attempt to move the meter or guage an audience’s interest. And you can bet that when Matthew McConaughey spoke of a potential Magic Mike sequel, people (mainly females) listened.

The shirtless wonder was speaking with Vulture at the red-carpet premiere of William Friedkin’s volatile Texas soap opera Killer Joe when he was asked about the potential of a new Mike movie.

"I'm talking to Channing [Tatum] about that,” McConaughey said. “Let's get some more Dallas in there. Just stick with Dallas. … He's a character who would love to give more of himself to you."

Way to play to your audience, sir. Nicely done! Normally I’d chuckle at the concept of a Magic Mike sequel, chalking it up to the wishful thinking of an actor who enjoyed playing a particular part and is (wisely) keeping all future acting options open. But as of July 25, Steven Soderbergh’s male-stripper fantasy had banked an impressive $102.6 million domestically. Given it’s reported $7M production budget, that’s more than enough to justify a sequel. And Soderbergh has proven in the past that he’s not opposed to revisiting characters and worlds. He made three Ocean’s movies, for God’s sake!

Truthfully, I’d like to see Soderbergh explore a Haywire sequel before a Mike sequel. And in a perfect world, he’d stay away from franchising altogether and continue to crank out original stories. But the wheels keep spinning on a potential Magic Mike follow up, so keep the candle of hope burning until we hear any kind of confirmation from either Soderbergh or Warner Bros.

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