Matthew Vaughn Buys The Film Rights To Mark Millar's Superior

It was less than two weeks ago that Mark Millar finally admitted that Matthew Vaughn likely wouldn't be back to direct Kick-Ass 2 simply because he had become too big and the project wouldn't be able to afford him. It was a sad, albeit expected, announcement that pretty much cements the idea that we will never see a sequel to the 2010 comic book film. But that doesn't mean that Millar and Vaughn are done working together. The proof of that can be seen the press release sent to Comic Book Movie.

It has been announced that Matthew Vaughn has purchased the rights to Mark Millar's comic series Superior with the intention of bringing the project to the big screen. A mix of Last Action Hero, Big and Superman, the series is about a young boy with multiple sclerosis who dreams of becoming his favorite movie superhero. When his wish is granted, he doesn't simply stop local crime, but aims to solve world problems like hunger, war in the Middle East and help those suffering as a result of natural disasters. But a heroes powers and actions always have a consequence. In addition to Kick-Ass, Millar also wrote the comic on which Wanted was based.

Strangely enough it was almost one year ago to the day that Jon Hamm was rumored for the lead role in Superior and it will be interesting to see if they continue to pursue him. Due to his age, we will likely never get the chance to see Hamm as Superman, but for something like Superior he could be perfect. Obviously this project is still at the very early stages and doesn't have a writer or a director just yet, but we'll be sure to update as more is announced.

Eric Eisenberg
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