In the world of movie franchises, there are several that frequently have fans speculating about new chapters. A fourth Indiana Jones film is probably the biggest dream, not helped by frequent mentions by Lucas, Spielberg, or Ford as being a real possibility, although no one can ever seem to commit to a script or a filming date. A new Die Hard film has been mentioned more than once on the internet, as has the possibility of yet another Lethal Weapon flick.

Among all of those is the Mad Max series, which has a rumor pop up every year or so about a new chapter. At one point it was expected there would be a movie where Mel Gibson’s Max passed the torch to a new character, allowing the franchise to continue on despite Gibson’s Passion filled success.

Well, it must be about that time again, because here comes the newest mention of a new Mad Max film, although this time it comes from a more reliable source - creator/director George Miller. Miller told Australian Magazine Empire that, ”Yeah, there's a real hope” about another Mad Max movie making it to the big screen, although the production office for the movie has been vacated, and there’s no solid word from Gibson about reprising his breakout role.

Sorry if I dismiss this as the annual mention of the film and stop paying attention. No star and no real studio typically doesn’t give a movie much of a chance of being made.

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