The Maze Runner Photo Gives Us A Peek At Dylan O'Brien In The Glade

Maze runner dylan

Since Fox moved the feature adaptation of James Dashner's young adult book The Maze Runner from Valentine's Day to next Fall, we haven't heard much about the film. Given the sizable scheduling shift, that's not all that surprising, but fans of the book have likely been hopeful for a new peek at the film, even if they have to wait until September for the movie to arrive in theaters. Director Wes Ball came through by sharing the above picture, which shows us star Dylan O'Brien, along with Ki Hong Lee and Blake Cooper.

Via the Maze Runner Facebook page, this photo gives us a peek inside the Glade, which is where Dylan O'Brien's Thomas finds himself mysteriously imprisoned, along with a group of other kids, none of whom know why they're there or remember who they were before they arrived. Dashner's novel sets the story up with Thomas' arrival at the Glade. Like each boy before him, Thomas wakes up on an elevator as it's arriving in a walled location called The Glade. He doesn't know anything about who he is beyond his first name.

Each morning, the Glade's walls open up, allowing the kids access into a giant maze. While some kids make themselves useful contributing to their small community inside the Glade, the bravest of them spend the daytime hours running through the maze, trying to find a way out. As Thomas soon learns, it's crucial to get back inside the Glade before the sun goes down, because when the walls close at night, anyone left inside the maze is stuck there until morning, and there are some dangerous things lurking inside those walls.

The new photo gives us a glimpse of O'Brien's character Thomas, along with Lee's character Minho and Blake Cooper, who plays Chuck in the film. We can also see a hut behind them, and from the looks on the character's faces, something's not right.

We've seen some other stills from the film already, though it's likely fans are eager to see a better look at the actual maze and the dangerous Grievers that threaten the runners inside. But as I mentioned, this film won't arrive until September 19, so we may have a while to wait for a glimpse of the stinging maze-dwelling creatures. In the meantime, here are a couple of the previously released images from the film:

Maze kids

kids running



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